Feasts & Famines

This is a business of feasts and famines.  I worked steadily for the first two weeks of August.  The last two weeks of August didn’t even bring an audition.  Happily, the first week of September did!  I had a couple of auditions for Checkout TV and I booked one of them on Monday.  I voiced the spot I auditioned for, plus a second one that I didn’t audition for.  I love it when that happens!

The next day, I spent another hour and a half recording phone prompts.  I’ve come to really enjoy these sessions.  At first, I felt a certain amount of dread because the director I work with is very demanding, but after that week in August, he taught me so much about voice over and I’ve been able to use it in my auditions since then!  I love honing my craft.

In that pursuit, I took a class at Voice One this past Saturday.  The class was Creating Characters and it’s taught by Terry McGovern, a veteran voice actor most famous for being the voice of Launchpad McQuack from DuckTales.  Terry was a great teacher and I learned some interesting things in his class.  A lot of the material we covered confirmed what I already knew, but even that can be comforting.  I learned things I didn’t know and I feel more confident about building character voices into my repertoire.  There are two more classes in the series and I’m eager to take them, but unfortunately, I’ll be out of town when they’re next offered.  I may have to wait until next year before they’re offered again.  Le sigh. I’m hungry for more! 🙂

Lastly, I had another booking at Checkout TV and I got some amazing news!  A couple of months ago I voiced a spot for Glamour Magazine.  I guess it was played for the president of the company who liked it so much, they’re going to use it on YouTube and on the Glamour mag website!  I don’t know when it goes up, but when I find out I’ll post it here!

When I look back over these blogs and measure the last six months, I’m just amazed at all that has happened!  It makes me hopeful for the next six months.  I want to keep growing and building my career.  It’s so fulfilling to work at something you love!

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One Response to Feasts & Famines

  1. Joy says:

    You are so right feast or famine. sounds like that is the very nature of this kind of job. When the glamour work is available for us to listen to please let us know.

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