Auditions vs. Bookings

There’s a whole different language that goes with my career.  Even the word “working” has a whole new definition.  I could be “working” my ass off, and still not make a lot of money.  Though, I guess that’s true of any freelance job.  In my case, “working” encompasses auditions, marketing, internet research, training, practicing voices, etc.  However, the only “work” that puts money in my bank account, is a “booking”.  A “booking” means that a client has chosen my voice for their product and is paying me to record.  I love bookings.

This has been an interesting year.  At the beginning of the year, and the height of the economic meltdown, there weren’t a lot of auditions OR bookings.  Thank goodness I have a couple of clients that book me on a regular basis for weekly or monthly updates.  That meant I was still getting booked, but I definitely need both to keep my career going.  In Spring, the auditions were practically non-existent.  Then, summer hits, the economy starts improving (or so they say) and suddenly I have tons of auditions!!  Yay!!  Every week, I’m auditioning for multiple clients, multiple opportunities.  It feels good.

Then, the waiting to find out if I booked the job…



…I hate waiting!!  I’m not good at waiting!  That’s an understatment — I’m TERRIBLE at waiting!  I’m, like, the worst wait-er there is!  My whole life my mom, my friends, and now my husband have all been trying to teach me patience.  Well folks, where you were unsuccessful, voiceover may teach me the lesson.

In my last post, I mentioned I had a busy day that consisted of two bookings and five auditions.  That was three weeks ago.  Today, I was in my agent’s office for another audition, when I found out that one of those five auditions was considering me!!  The job is a voice recognition (also known as, telephony) project.  I found out the production company did some call-out research, and I am one of the top 2 finalists!  Call-out research means my audition was played for a market sample who were asked things like: who sounds friendly, who do you believe the most, etc.  Yay!  Total strangers like the sound of my voice!

I’m still not booked for this project.  The client still has to decide between me and the other finalist.  But it’s exciting to know that I’m under consideration.  I was also told that this production company may want to use me for other projects, so if I don’t get this particular one, I may get others.  Woohoo!  But it took three weeks to get to this point and I don’t know how much more time will pass before the client makes the final decision.  Grrrr, back to that waiting thing.  Stupid waiting.

Oh well, if at the end of all this waiting, I find out I got the gig, it will have been worth it.  Here’s hoping for more bookings!

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