Shameless Self-Promotion

I have a website!  It’s beautiful!  I’m so excited!  Go check it out right now!  Seriously, right now!  Go to  But then come back.  It’s cool, I’ll wait.  No, I know I said I’m not good at waiting, but in this case, I’m cool.  You check out the website, then come back.  I’ll be here…

Isn’t that really freaking cool?!?  So, as with everything in my life, there is a story behind this.  Well, my life tends to run in sagas, but I’ll keep this to short story length.  Believe it or not, I’ve had registered for almost 10 years.  I first registered my domain name in 2000.  That’s how long I’ve been dreaming of this.  Of course, I know NOTHING about web design/publishing so registering the domain name was as far as I got.

The Siren

As I get further in my VO career, I’m learning that I need to promote and market myself.  It’s wonderful having an agent, but she represents hundreds of people!  I gotta do some of the legwork myself.  And by “myself”, I mean, hire someone else to do it for me.  At least as far as the website is concerned.  Well, any graphic design, really.  Let’s start with my awesome Vox Goddess logo, designed by Josh Ruthnick.  Since I fell in love with his work on the logo, it made total sense to ask Josh to design my website too.  We talked about design, ways to make it update-able, different hosting options, etc.  It was going to be great.  But after some research, I realized that I was not going to be able to host and maintain a website that could do everything I wanted the website to do.  While Josh could provide design, it was up to me to do everything else.  As web saavy as I am, this web publishing thing is beyond me.  Seriously, I feel a mental block or something.

A fellow VO actor gave me the name of his web designer: Jason Honey of Side Dish Studio.  Jason’s designs blew me away AND he was one-stop shopping!  He designs, he hosts, he maintains!!  He knows all about SEO!  (I still couldn’t tell you how that works.)  So with Jason’s awesome design and help, after years of waiting, I finally have my own website!  I am so excited!  Since my demo is on the site, anyone can listen at any time!  I don’t have to send out CDs!  I can send out emails and point to the site!

Today, I also found out that one of the producers I work with, Kelli Martin, has her own site, and some of my stuff is on there!  You can now listen to spots that I’ve done for Glamour, Halls, and V8 V-Fusion Juice!  I love this whole interwebs thing.  I can haz self-promotion!

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