Vox Goddess Exposed!

My acting coach says actors are the most insecure people on the planet.  He may have something there.  I am so happy when someone likes me and I’m always surprised when they do.  This extends (a bit) to my VO clients.  I don’t know how I can simultaneously be very confident in my voice acting skills and equally unsure of securing new and continuing clients.  It’s a bizarre little dimension I live in.  I am always so humbled and pleased when an existing commercial client chooses to use me again and again for their ad campaigns.  It is such a good feeling!

I recently recorded a new set of spots for Halls Cough Drops.  I recorded my first commercial for them about a year ago and hadn’t recorded for them since then.  Just over a month ago they were ready to record some new commercials and they requested me!  Yay!  A couple of weeks ago, my agent called with some exciting news: Halls had licensed their commercial to air on 7 websites!  This is great for two reasons: 1) I get a little extra money for each website, so that’s really nice, and B) it’s great exposure for me and my voiceover work!

(Get ready for some cross-promotion.)  Here’s the list of websites where you can see my Halls commercial:

I am so gratified that Halls has chosen me as their spokesperson.  It’s such an amazing feeling to know that they trust their product to my voice.  If you were to ask me what it is I love about voice acting, I would have a hard time putting it into words (irony!) but delivering a strong product that makes the client happy is high up on the list.

So check out the websites and let me know if you hear a familiar voice!

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