Garfield Outtakes

This is a random collection of memories of my time observing voice actors record episodes of The Garfield Show.  For the full story, read my previous post A Day in the Life of Garfield.

  • Me on Twitter: “Wanna know how much I love voiceover? I love it so much, I’m willing to get up at 3:30am, fly to LA, and watch someone ELSE do it.”
  • Before Mr. Freberg arrived, while Mark, Frank, Gregg and Wally were standing around talking, Goran Visnjic walked into the lounge!  I am the biggest starstruck idiot you’ve ever met in your life.  It was very difficult to maintain, but I managed not to freak out and gave a quiet smile instead.
  • I was still in the recording area, but my friend Chuck also saw Keith David in the lobby.  I wonder what he was working on!
  • Frank Welker does a mighty accurate Barack Obama impression.  Very funny!
  • Wally Wingert was wearing turquoise snakeskin boots.  And, I think he was flirting with me.  But maybe not.
  • Best direction of the day: (Mark to Wally) “Can you make the announcer sound a little more PBS?”
  • 2nd best direction of the day: (Mark to Wally) “Okay, at this point your character is on a pogo stick so try to sound bouncy.”
  • The person who took the picture of Chuck, Mark Evanier, Stan Freberg and me, is Paul Dini‘s wife, Misty Lee.

Chuck also put up a blog of his experiences.  He is a huge Stan Freberg fan.  It’s an interesting read, you should check it out!

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